Yannec E-Go Electric Skateboard | Review

by Justin
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3) Yuneec E-Go Cruiser – Electric Skateboard

The E-Go cruiser by Yuneec is an american designed electric skateboard that has a brushless motor which increases acceleration. This particular electric skateboard is one of the lighter weight longboard on the market which means you can go faster.

The Yuneec has a wireless remote that fits easily in the palm of your hands. A full charge of the Yuneec will give you roughly 18 miles of riding time.

What The Customers Say About the Yaneec E-Go Cruiser

  1. I have been investigating the electric skateboard market and been looking for the most reasonable priced one, the E-go cruiser is both reliable and easy on the wallet.
  2. Before I had a terrible knee accident, I used to ride my Yaneec everyday
  3. Love this board but never seem to quite reach the 18 miler range.

Pro’s & Con’s


  • Lightweight Battery
  • Slim Battery
  • battery last a long time
  • Water resistant


  • Only 13 mph top speed

FAQ about the Yaneec E-Go

Customer Question: Can you use the E-go on a grass surface?

Seller Response: We do not recomend using your Yaneec on the grass unless it is cut exceptionally short and is dry.


Customer Question: Does this electric skateboard have regenrative brakes?

Seller response: Indeed, yes it does.


Customer Question: Fastest speed on a flat and smoothe surface?

Seller answer: 13mph




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