Falcon Board Electric Skateboard | Review

by Justin
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Falcon Board - 1200 Watt Electric Skateboard

The Falcon electric skateboard is a powerful longboard that features Bluetooth connectivity and is lightweight for the easiest portability on subways, buses etc. The 1200 watt brushless motor provides the falcon board with it's power to achieve an uphill climb of 20 degrees or so.

The features of the falcon electric skateboard include:

  • Motor: brushless electric motor with 1200 watts of power
  • Speed: Top speed of around 20 miles per hour
  • Battery: Special lithium battery, two hour charge time
  • Bluetooth Remote: Bluetooth connectivity for the best riding performance


What The Customers Say About The Falcon Electric Skateboard

  1. Awesome skateboard, it is great fun but can also be dangerous as it takes a bit of time to settle into the brakes and how to stance your feet and body. I had an issue with my remote as I dropped it whilst riding so I was in contact with customer support and they have been great and easy to deal with.
  2. This is the best thing I've purchased in a long time. It has changed my commute to school and made it fun which I could never imagine being possible. This electric skateboard ,makes me want to get up to ride it.
  3. Great skateboard for beginners looking to get into electric skateboard riding however there are better options out there if you are willing to spend more money.

FAQ About The Falcon Electric Skateboard

Buyer Question: Are there spare parts for sale?

Seller Answer: Yes, we have spare parts for the electric skateboard for sale


Buyer Question: Can this board be taken on an airplane?

Seller Answer: We'd suggest that you check with your airline that you intend flying with as each have different ruloes regarding lithium batteries which our falcon electric skateboards contain.


Buyer Question: At full speed, what is the furthest distance the board will get?

Seller Answer: 15 miles the board will reach at full speed of around 20 miles per hour


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