Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard Review

by Justin
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Boosted Electric Skateboard review

1) Boosted Dual+ 2000W – The Best Electric Skateboard

best electric skateboardThe Boosted electric skateboard is the most popular on the market today due to it’s innovative and well built design. This electric skateboard is the perfect replacement for a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle or conventional modes of transport to take you around cities, traffic, at school or simply carving the open road with the use of a simple remote.

Some of the features of the Boosted Dual+ 2000W electric skateboard are:

  1. Uses a Lithium Battery
  2. USB Charging
  3. Brake
  4. Wireless remote control
  5. Bamboo longboard
  6. Innovative and robust design
  7. 2000 watt electric motor which means speed! Thanks to Boosted’s “dual-drive system”

Easy to Learn and Master The Best Electric Skateboard

The Boosted electric skateboard comes with software which allows you to change how powerful the motor is and how fast it can go. This means you will not spin out of control when learning how to use the electric skateboard.

The rider is also able to use the Boosted as a normal long board which in itself surpasses the quality of some of the top long boards on the market. You are able to maneuver the board just like a conventional long board with the incredible option of 2000 watts of power.

Boosted Dual+ Mobile Connectivity

The user is able to monitor and control power and speed settings on the go with the mobile app using Bluetooth connectivirty. You can also monitor the battery life and the estimated mileage using the application.


2 Battery Options

The boosted Dual+ offers two battery options:

  1. Extended Battery
  2. Standard Battery

The difference between the two batteries is that the extended battery is better for longer distances whilst the standard battery is better for around campus or the city. The user is also able to swap batteries in mere seconds and the batteries are charged via USB.

No Uphill Battle, No Downhill Fright

Due to the Wattage of the Boosted 2000W electric skateboard the rider is able to easily skate uphill with little effort required from the best electric skateboard. And don’t you worry about going downhill, the Boosted Dual+ has a powerful braking system which allows the rider to have full control when going down even the steepest of hills.

The energy used from the braking system regenerates the motor so very little power is lost.

Get There Quicker and Faster

Carve your way through traffic, tight city streets and crowds of people easily. Meaning you can get there faster than a lot of other modes of transport.

Watch the video below which demonstrates the best electric skateboard, the Boosted Dual+  2000W

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