Benchwheel Electric Skateboard | Review

by Justin
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2) Benchwheel Dual 1800w Electric Skateboard

The benchwheel is a similar electric skateboard however it lacks in quality in comparison to our best electric skateboard, the boosted dual+. This electric skateboard is able to push out 1800 watts of power which means the skateboarder can reach speeds of up to 18.5 miles per hour.

The board psesses two motors which are in fact brushless. These two brushless motors means the electric skateboard is able to accelaerate much faster.

The Dual 1800w by Benchwheel is able to charge in a staggering 3 hours which will result in around 12 miles maxmimum depending on the speed in which you are going.

What The Customers Say About the Benchwheel Dual 1800W

  1. I am very happy with the electric skateboard and have never regretted buying it. 5/5
  2. This was my first electric skateboard and after having it and using it for two months I can confirm that it is a good buy which will not break your bank 4/5
  3. This Skateboard is epic! Thank You for the Recommendation 5/5
  4. The benchwheel is the sweetest electric skateboard I’ve ever tried, people on the street always stop stare in amazement. 4/5
  5. Easy to control the power and very easy to use right off the bat 5/5

Pro’s & Con’s


  • Lightweight
  • Handle for carrying
  • easy to learn and control


  • The trucks are cheap
  • the skateboard is still (that might be a pro for you)
  • Battery needs to be replaced over time

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FAQ for the Benchwhell 1800w Dual


Customer Question: Is this skateboard water resistant and able to withstand shallow puddles of water?

Seller Answer: It is water resistant up until a point, in other words it can withstand shallow puddles of water.


Customer Question: can you replace the wheels and can you get different color wheels?

Seller Answer: Yes to both


Customer Question: How far in KM will the skateboard go on a full charge?

Seller answer: 20km

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